Any Dog, Any Size, Any Problem.

Whether your dog is biting, fearful, pulling on the leash, aggressive, anxious, is a puppy, or you just want to create a better relationship, our training programs focus on training you, the handler, and your dog. 

Our training allows you to give your dog the greatest gift you can offer: INCLUSION in your life.


Portland's Premier Dog Training and Rehabilitation


Kindred Dog PDX is known as being able to handle the most challenging dog behavior with a high degree of success, as well as starting your dog off on the right foot and preventing bad behaviors that most families struggle with.

Kindred Dog PDX is often the last stop for owners who have exhausted every option, and still not found the help they need. We've trained dogs that have been labeled "untrainable" by dog behaviorists and have trained dogs that owners were told should be euthanized.

With one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the Pacific Northwest, we not only get the best results for your dogs but also we are able to break down the process so that you are able to maintain the progress long term.

At Kindred Dog PDX, we will train your dog no matter the size, breed, or the behavioral problems.

We provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support to properly communicate with your dog for long lasting results. At Kindred Dog PDX, we provide a safe and structured environment for all of our canine clients, and help create a healthy and balanced state of mind.

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Seeing is believing.


While some dog trainers will tell you about their training programs, we will show you how our training programs can change your dog's undesirable behavior in a very short time.