In order to be successful at transforming your dog’s behavior, I want you to know it’s important for you to be familiar with my philosophy and the training techniques I use. I make this information readily available to all my clients (and non-clients) on my Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube and my website.  I want you to be comfortable with how I train and the training tools I use, and I want you to be just as excited to train the dog as I am!

Here are some qualities in a client that I feel are absolutely necessary for success: :

  • If you are coming to us with a dog with behavior issues, I want you to recognize that there's a problem. You're not the problem, but there is a problem. Something you're doing and the environment the dog lives in are contributing to that problem. To see different results in your dog, you will have to make some changes in your lifestyle and relationship. I will help you see where and what those changes are! I am ready to do whatever it takes to help you and your family be successful, as long as I know that you are willing to make the same commitment to me and your dog in this journey! We are a team :) 


  •  I need you to be 100% comfortable with my training techniques. You should be open to a balanced training approach. Yes, we will use praise but we will also correct bad behavior. We will be using tools, rewards, praise, and consistent information to help you have the most clear and steady communication with your dog.


  • With dogs who have behavioral issues (especially aggression, anxiety, or fear issues), I ask clients to stop "over-praising" their dog. That doesn't mean you can never give praise, but I'm talking about OVER praising your dog--it's not helping! If giving your dog constant verbal, physical, and food praise and affection was working, you wouldn't be looking for help--and in fact, you may be encouraging the bad behaviors by doing so. There will be plenty of time for praise once your dog's behaviors are in a better place, but to help our dogs live peacefully in our lives we have to set some boundaries. You (and your dog!) will be very happy when we create an environment that can be shared with your dog in a controlled manner, where your dog behaves politely, predictably, and understands what is expected of them. 


  • I need you to follow up with 100% of my training program. I have a system and philosophy of training that works.  I'm looking for people that are going to take not only my advice, but also my techniques and tools, and apply them to their life so you can see positive results.


  • I am looking for clients who are willing to take the time to study and do their homework. The concept that we're going to do this an hour per week together, and that those sessions will be all the training your dog needs, is not going to work.


  • I need the whole family on board. This includes the other dogs in the home as well. Dogs are influenced by everyone around them, so I need everybody to be on board with all of my tools, techniques, philosophy, exercise, and household management program. We're not fixing an appliance, we are creating a new lifestyle for the entire family!


  • I want to make sure that you are going to follow through with my household management program--this can be tricky for people. Your dog might have to get off of the bed and or furniture.  You may also have to start crating your dog at night.  Your dog will need to be in a command for long periods of time, multiple times per day. This builds leadership. Our message needs to be consistent. Sending mixed signals to your dog will only confuse the dog.


  • Just like people, dogs need daily exercise.  I have always lived by the motto "A tired dog is a good dog!" and I need all of my clients to commit to a daily exercise routine. That doesn't mean just letting your dog in the back yard, but actually taking daily structured walks. Exercise and routine are key to the success of my training.


  • I know there are a lot of "rules and regulations" listed above, but ultimately I want you to have FUN and be successful with your dog! To get your dog to an amazing place where you can do new things, have control in places you didn't before, and watch your canine delinquent become an exemplary canine citizen, it's going to take some work--a lot of elbow grease, a bit of tough love, consistency, loving by leading, FUN, and setting an example for your dog!  Dogs can live for over 15 years, if you put in the hard work now, you can have an amazing dog for the rest of their life! The dog you have today does not have to be the dog you have tomorrow--you can improve your circumstances and change your world with your dog.


To me, dog training is not a series of commands rewarded by a treat. Dog training is a lifestyle, rewarded by inclusion in our lives. I want the whole family to benefit from our experience together--I want a successful and balanced pack of humans and dogs living peacefully and happy together. If you are willing to take this journey, we can make that happen!