Exclusive Benefits for Past Training Clients

When you and your dog use one of our training programs, you become part of the Kindred Dog PDX family. This means that you are now eligible to use our overnight boarding, daycare, and join our group walks.

These services are available to clients only. This way, the structure is already in place and understood by the owner which allows for a safe environment and continued learning and training experience.

Day care 


Drop your dog off on a day-to-day basis for our daycare. Unlike typical doggy day care, this service provides your dog with all the same training we have been working on. Drop off and pick up should be within the hours of operation which are 8am - 6pm. 

  • The daily rate for daycare is $30 a day.

  • We can also add in specific training sessions during your dogs stay. It is an additional $60 for a 45 min training session.


Overnight boarding 


Overnight boarding is available when you are out of town, going on vacation or just have a busy schedule. During the day, your dog will continue their ongoing practice with their training.

  • The rate for overnight boarding is $50*.

  • We can also add in specific training sessions during your dog's stay. It is an additional $60 for a 45 minute training session.

*different rates apply for holidays

Group walk 

Pack walk2.jpg

We have group walks every other Saturday and these are only open to previous clients. Our group walks serve as a continued learning experience and structured socialization session for you and your dog. It is a great opportunity to get some extra coaching and ask any questions you may have. These walks come with every training package.