dog socialization

I like to treat dog socialization as Jeff Gellman would say "like going to a cocktail party". At a cocktail party everyone is hanging out saying hi to the people they know and being courteous to those they don’t.  They might engage friends in conversation but they probably won’t say much to those they don’t like or they don't know very well.  What they are not doing is jumping on strangers' back's, being pushy and impoilite or punching people they don’t like in the face as they walk by. Our dogs should be interacting like the first example.  Calm and courteous and engaging politely with each other.  They should walk around being polite and those who want to engage each other in play will.  Some dogs play well with others and some dogs don’t. That doesn't mean they are anti-social it just means that they don’t want some lunatic they don't know jumping on them. This type of behavior can cause things like fights to happen that can quickly escalate with when other dogs are involved.  I think there is this false assumption that dogs need to play to socialize, play is good but we need to be able to stop it if it gets to a point that we think is to much, and we have to make sure the rough play is reciprocal. If we advocate for all the dogs, meaning we keep on eye everyone and be proactive by creating a calm environment, we can help to make sure there are no problems and that the dogs have a positive experience being around other dogs.

Dog’s don't need to be jumping all over each other to have a good time, simply coexisting in the same space peacefully is a great time for dogs.