The power of place command

Hey everyone, I wanted to talk about place command a little since I am always posting pictures of the dogs laying down seemingly doing nothing on cots. 

Well, to explain the pictures, the dogs are on place to learn impulse control. Place command sets the foundation to teaching your dog how to be calm in the areas you want them to be. 

Impulse control could be as simple as staying on their bed when you get up to go the bathroom. You can see it now, your watching tv, the dog could be asleep somewhere and you get up to use the restroom. Your sleepIng dog instantly gets up and follows you into the bathroom. I get it, the dogs love us, but I think I can go to the bathroom by myself. This seemingly insignificant behavior might seem innocent enough but then ask yourself, where else does my dog lack impulse control, the walk, the doorbell, squirrels, cats, humans etc. These are all related to impulse control. It's too hard to try and stop the dog when he's already pulling towards whatever they want but with place command in the house we can control the environment and set up our dogs to learn first what the skill of impulse control is.