Influences Matter

Who our dogs hangout with can directly affect their behavior. Got the person who always gets the dog jazzed up which leads to

Jumping up, or how about the dogs who run wild always getting in your dogs business even when they are trying to their best to listen to you. This is where advocating for your dog comes in and setting boundaries for people who are coming in contact with your dog.
We have a lot of people who have started the training and rehabilitation process and a big question we get is about what to do when other people want to bring their dogs, who are usually not trained and pretty out of control, over. 

First, you have to make boundaries and stick with them. This is your home so your rules apply. We always talk about advocating for your dog, it is not advocating for your dog if you are trying to train but have crazy dogs in your home.

The options for your guests could be, people don't bring their dogs, or they need to contain them. They can also keep a leash on their dog so it is not running around the house, bring a crate, or you can crate your dog to set your dog up for success and just make it a non issue. Yes, the goal is that your dog will listen to you even with other dogs that are not controlled, but that is a lot to ask for most dogs. We find it is not really fair to ask your dog for good behavior while getting pestered by another dog or human.

Let your guests know your rules prior to coming over. Yes, feelings may be hurt and they might scoff at the idea and your training routine but it is so important that you advocate for your dog.

There is always a. opportunity for dogs to play outside, or go for a walk together, but if you cannot trust your dogs or your guests dogs it can be a perfect set up for a dangerous situation. Always set your self and your dogs up for success, nothing erodes trust faster than something happening while your supposed to be advocating.