About Kindred Dog PDX

Kindred Dog PDX's trainers have trained and worked one-on-one with many of the top dog trainers in the world, including:

  • Sean O'Shea from the Good Dog in Los Angeles (Ruben was selected to spend three months working with Sean at his facility)

  • Blake Rodriguez from Dream Come True Canine in New York, New York

  • Ted Efthymiadis from Mango Dogs in Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Jeff Gellman from Solid K9 Training in Providence, Rhode Island

  • Cheri Lucus and Brian Agnew in California

At Kindred Dog PDX, we believe in continuous learning so that our trainers are up to date on the latest training techniques. 


Hey everyone, Ruben here with Kindred Dog PDX.

Thank you for visiting my page, and I look forward to working with you and your dog. Before we meet though, I want to tell you a little about myself. 

My journey started years ago when I adopted Oso, a two year-old Boston terrier, French bulldog mix from a shelter. Oso’s description said he could not be around small children, cats, or other dogs. Yet, I already had another dog (Maayawa). So, in order to adopt him, I had to introduce Maayawa to Oso and show the shelter that there would be no problems. Armed with everything I learned from watching every episode of the Dog Whisperer and from reading all of Cesar Millan’s books, I took Maayawa to meet Oso. Their meeting went fantastic, and from that day forward Oso (who was named Roi) was a part of my pack!

Ruben & Oso 2014 (Train the Trainers Seminar)

Ruben & Oso 2014 (Train the Trainers Seminar)

However, I was still working with Oso every day and there were still areas—such as his leash reactivity—we needed to work through. The information I had was not helping. I tried countless training methods and employed numerous trainers with no avail. And even though it seemed like there was nothing that could help I refused to give up on Oso and kept looking!

On my quest, I started researching balanced trainers and came across trainers like Blake RodriquezSean 0’Shea, and Jeff Gellman. I watched their videos, read up on their training techniques, and attended a week long training in Santa Cruz, California for dog trainers.

Through their training, guidance, and mentorship, I found the right tools, techniques, and strategies to really help Oso be the best dog he can be! Because of Oso, I am now fully equipped with the appropriate tools, techniques, and strategies to help you and your dog with any problem. 

Ruben & Oso 2012

Ruben & Oso 2012

What I didn't see at the shelter—and what wasn’t communicated to me—was Oso’s food aggression, leash reactivity, people aggression, and dog aggression. Using the tips and techniques I learned from watching the Dog Whisperer and reading Cesar’s books I worked with Oso every day. He’s made a lot of progress, and I’ve helped Oso with the majority of his problems. My family and friends started asking me for advice on their dogs after witnessing Oso’s ongoing transformation. I took those techniques I used with my own dogs and used those techniques with my friends’ and family’s dogs. The results were dramatic. I saw positive results in both the lives of the dogs and the people I knew.  The dogs and people were not only happier but their lives were also more balanced. Seeing the positive results and receiving an increased amount of referrals for my help, I decided to start Kindred Dog PDX as a way to help people and their dogs live a balanced, happy life together. 

Ruben & Maayawa 2014

Ruben & Maayawa 2014

Since 2014, Ruben has completed several week long shadow programs with Blake Rodriguez of Dream Come True K9, Ted Efthymiadis of Mango Dogs, and recently completed a 3-month internship program with the Good Dog team in LA. 



Shane joined Kindred Dog PDX in July 2016. He got started training dogs in January of 2015 while living in Mexico. Wanting to adopt a dog, he had gathered information and tools to be prepared for when he found the right dog. After a few weeks of meeting rescuers and their dogs, Shane visited an adoption event where he met Pulga (she was named Puga at the time). She was relaxed, laying down, and not bothered by any of the chaos going on around her. After interacting with her for a bit Shane felt she was the dog for him. The next day the rescuers brought Pulga to his house, and to his surprise she was far from the dog he had seen the day before. She pulled like a sled dog, was completely tuned out, and every piece of furniture was something to jump on. It was quite obvious his hand were now full.  

Realizing he had work to do, he put the time in everyday and started to immediate progress with Pulga. His friends were greatly impressed with how much progress they were making. The following year after a visit home and being around Kindred Dog PDX, Shane decided he wanted to try and get something started in Mexico. He was able to help a few of his friends but found that dog training was not something people were really looking for. In May of 2016, Ruben's business had been growing and was in need of some help, which was an opportunity for Shane to get more hands on experience. 

Shane moved back to Portland in July of 2016 and immediately began handling all types of dogs.  He started out doing potty breaks, morning walks, and slowing being introduced to the training process. During this time Shane was learning the in's and out's of the business. In April of 2017,  Shane attended the Train the Trainers seminar to further his knowledge. Returning from the seminar, Shane started taking a larger role in the training process and day to day operations. Shane continues to grow as a trainer and continues to learn. Most recently Shane attended the Fall 2017 Lucas Agnew "The Missing link" workshop where he and Pulga were able to work with well known trainers Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew.