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"We adopted our dog Abby from the humane society about 3 years ago. She is a mix breed, pit, beagle, boxer, and a very sweet dog, however she was impossible to walk on a leash, and I was really frustrated and ready to give up with her at times. I spent time talking to Ruben about the best way to deal with this problem. He suggested using a backpack on her to give her something to focus on, and helped me with the right kind of leash and collar to use. The most important thing Ruben taught me though, was that Abby is a dog, and as a dog she has certain needs, such as enough exercise and attention. He taught me that dogs need a leader to follow and he taught me how important a responsibility it is to be that leader. So I kept working with her daily and she now runs 2-3 miles with me every morning with her backpack, she walks on a leash 90 percent better, and is a much calmer and happier dog. Ruben puts an amazing amount of commitment into his dogs and the dogs he works with, and he truly loves helping people learn how to get the best out of their dogs." - P. DICKERSON AND ABBY 


Dog training Portland

"My two older pups have been home for two weeks, and they've settled in to a nice routine. We couldn't go on walks prior to Ruben's help. We're now able to go on several of them a day, and the girls really love the exercise. They are far more relaxed in a down/stay while I'm cooking or cleaning than they used to be. Thanks Ruben!! I've got two happier pups =)" - K. Rupert, Aki and Yuki


Dog training Portland






"Ruben is amazing-- changed my life! Oliver is making great progress toward becoming a calm family dog." - H. Deimerly, Oliver




Dog Behavior modification Portland

"When we sent our dog (Georgia) to Ruben we were at our wits end. A typical morning before she stayed with him would have meant her barking incessantly for attention, chewing our kids' toys up for attention, her waking up the kids, nipping to get us up off the couch (all before coffee!!!!). We were at our wits end. This is her first morning back and she's sitting on her bed calmly waiting for her breakfast as I have my coffee and write this. Yesterday she was in her crate (with the door open) and we started dancing (something that before would cause her to jump and bark and nip non-stop until we stopped). She didn't try to run out, she just kept sitting calmly watching us. She didn't seem upset or have any reaction at all. It might not seem like a big deal, but I cannot emphasize enough what a change he has made and how disruptive her outbursts were to our day and our kids".

      "Ruben kept telling us we would have a lot of work to do after we got her back. I can see that she's not perfect yet, but so far, we've felt in control for the first time. Every time she has misbehaved we have had the tools to stop her immediately and redirect her (and her bad behavior was nothing like it was before--maybe not staying in a sit when we leave the room). Instead of being frustrating, it's just a quick 'no' and she'll snap back into things. I took her on a walk down Alberta at 8 (so, super busy) last night and only had to correct her a couple times when dogs were running towards her to play. Otherwise, she heeled perfectly for probably a two mile walk. Her homecoming has been so much easier than I thought and it keeping up the training is looking totally doable and easy even with an infant and a toddler! We're so excited and back in love with our doggy". 

      "Besides the awesome work he's done with Georgia, he has been a joy to work with. He is always quick to respond to all our questions. He seems to truly care about the dogs and the work he does and we have been nothing but pleased so far. We've even sent our other dog to him for the next two weeks!" - F. Colish, Georgia and Quincy


Dog behavior modification Portland

"Ruben empowered us with tools to create a calm dog. Our 10 month old Frenchie was exhausting- on walks he was everywhere & tugging at other dogs or kids. He didn't understand boundaries or "no"! With Ruben's help we now have an amazing dog who is so calm. Timber is now such a joy to walk and live with. Ruben has truly been so wonderful to work with and we know if something comes up - we can call him". - B. Karp, Timber


Ruben has been incredible. I recently moved to Portland and my dog Ruby was barking and being very destructive when left alone. I was ready to give up on the situation. Ruben showed me how to give Ruby more structure on walks and at home to reduce her anxiety and energy levels. He has been so helpful and it has been wonderful to work with such a knowledgeable and caring trainer. Ruby is not longer barking and destructive. There has been a complete change in her overall behavior and she is clearly happier and calmer. Ruben has really been an invaluable influence in this process. Not only has he solved the problem I came to him with, he has greatly improved Ruby's quality of life. I highly recommend him. -M. ORIEL, RUBY

Dog training Portland


It is clear that Ruben really cares about each and every dog that he trains. I sent my dog, Gobi to him to address her leash reactivity and some other issues. Ruben specifically tailored his techniques based on my dog's specific personality and needs. Not only did he give me the tools to help Gobi become a more balanced dog, but he helped me figure out how to connect with her, on both of our terms. His services are invaluable. - A. Taylor, Gobi

Dog training Portland

We sent our border collie mix Pink to Ruben mainly to control her bolting out of doors and for being AGGRESSIVE to other dogs. We signed her up for 2 weeks training half expecting a call to come get our dog. She is now home after the 2 weeks and has a new state of mind. Ruben is great at what he does and taught both us, and Pink a thing or two! This am when we went to pick her up and learn about her experience we were beyond impressed. She was listening better than ever and Ruben was even able to have her lay down on the front porch, no leash in hand, and she actually layed there like it was no big deal! She met new dogs at his house, on walks, and even went to another dog camp just to watch. Pink was able to remain collected and no dogs were harmed! We have 3 dogs total at home and already on day one of Pink being home the other 2 have picked up what she is doing and copying like pro's. They are all on a great path to better behavior! I can not express how thankful I am! I would recommend Ruben, Kindered Dog PDX to anyone! He puts his all in and gives you your money's worth. Actions are better than words. Give him a try! - K. MEYERS, PINK

Dog behavior modification Portland
Dog training Portland


It has now been 2 months since we picked up our two Morgan and Stitch from Ruben and what an amazing difference in daily behavior! I tell others it is like walking them on a string vs our before pulling and tugging and never going in the same direction. They still have distraction challenges at times but the corrections quickly get them back in line. Stitch also had challenges with aggression for anyone at the door or strangers coming into the house...this has greatly improved, minimal if any reaction to the door and I easily put her in place if not already positioned before I answer it. Morgan had challenges with reacting to most any other dog and sometimes people. She doesn't bark near the rate she did but still gets scared and sits down on our walks so requires a correction to get her moving again. Our walks are now 1.5 everyday and they are both happy to go. Walks are enjoyable, they both actually like being put in place and are easily confused if circumstances like holiday gatherings are a bit less structured. We still have things to continue working on however the tools really help make this journey positive. Thank you Ruben for your skill and support, we are a much happier and well balanced household. -       C. Lewis, Morgan and Stitch  

Dog training Portland



Ruben worked with me and my 6-month-old puppy, Bart, on building a solid foundation through a 2 week board and train program.

Other than just being a puppy, he had reactivity to nail clippers. Ruben was able to work through this with Bart, who now lets me Dremel his nails. Also, he is coming when called outdoors and indoors as well as walking in a beautiful heel. Ruben has empowered me with the tools to shape my puppy into a fantastic dog.

If you're looking for groundwork training or your 4-legged friend has a particular issue or issues you want to address, Kindred Dog PDX is the place to go. Ruben clearly cares about your dog as well as your relationship and leadership towards your dog. He is extremely responsive with any questions I had before, during and after Bart's stay. Thank you, Ruben! - L. Dippold, Bart


We had our dog Griff with Ruben for 3 week training a few months back. Ruben and Shane did a phenomenal job laying the ground work, building the fundamentals in training both the dog and us. We were astonished to see improvements in his behavior so quickly. Months later, we are still working on implementing the training techniques that Ruben has instilled in us, and are so delighted to see the progress he has made overall. One of the best things about this training is that Ruben has been there to support us along the way, be it through check-in phone calls or weekend pack walks. It's very clear that Ruben is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, has a great passion for what he does, and cares deeply about his clientele. We are so happy to have chosen Kindred Dog PDX, thanks Ruben!!! - C. Goodwin - Griff

We took Autumn to Ruben for 3 weeks of train. It has made all the difference in the world not the she was a bad dog, she just liked pushing the envelope and now she is doing awesome and so are we. Ruben laid the ground work and showed us how to work with her. I would like to thank everyone at kindred dog board and train for a job will done. - M. Gibson - Autumn





I dropped Enzo (my almost-two-year-old German Shepherd), off in early December for the three week Board and Train. The drop-off was very stressful. Enzo was really worked up from the drive over, and was barking and lunging. Ruben and Shane handled the situation with ease. I was so impressed as I drove away, I KNEW Enzo was in good hands. During the course of him being away, Kindred Dog PDX posted many photos and videos of Enzo and his progress. If I reached out with a question, Ruben answered me right away.

When I returned to pick my boy up a few days ago, I couldn't believe his progress. This was the PERFECT way to establish my relationship with Enzo (who I have only had for less than 4 months), as he is a rescue and needs training and structure. I'm really looking forward to seeing how we progress together. I know that they have laid the groundwork and now it's up to ME to make sure Enzo gets the structure and training he needs and deserves.

Thank you, Kindred Dog PDX! - M. Elizabeth - Enzo


The change in Malcolm is really amazing. Given the amount of time he's been allowed to make his own decisions and get his way, we weren't sure if two weeks was going to be enough to start him on a different path, but he's been like a new dog since we picked him up. He isn't perfect, but having tools to help him along is so different than the helplessness we felt before this. Not only that, but we're seeing Mal become a more confident dog as time goes on, which is an amazing thing. - R. Clark - Malcolm